Friday, May 30, 2008

8 独中

aww..everything's finally over ..
from 26th till 28th may, tnf members won 28 golds!
14 gold on the 26th,
8 gold on the 27th,
6 gold on the 28th.

after this competition, the members strenghtened their bond of friendship..
it's a really cool competition..
i hoped that i would last longer!
we showed out teamwork..we cheered..we cried..
we ate together, slept together..we did almost everything together..
and it's very fun!

4x400 guys 20 yrs old..
it's a waste that they've been disqualified..
what to say..
they broke the record!
but they didn't's really a waste..

i won 4x100 silver...which made me happy and quite satisfied ...n.n
so i'll be going to genting on the 30th with tnf to celebrate our victory!!!
hmm...the boys got 16 yrs old champion and 20 yrs old champ!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


haha..just came back from MPS training...
it's quite tiring..
mom fetch us to the stadium, with kenneth.., i'm participating in 4x100..
unfortunately, i couldn't pass the baton well with kai chi..
quite scared.... it's hard laah...
there's once i drop the baton and nearly cried..
aiyah..just hope that i'll be lucky in the compeition loh..hoping that nothing bad will happen...

after training, we went for breakfast with christine and aunt julie..haha..they went home after that..
so, the next thing i'm gonna do is go genting and cum back at night...go there for what lie??
haha..i'll tell you when i arrive home luh~~

Monday, May 19, 2008

shOppin very happy...went shopping with christine and aunt july..of course, with mommy too..
we went mont kiara, the curve, ikea and ikano..
wow...from 10 am to 11 pm..
quite tiring der..
but, i bought quite a number of stuff n.n
happy happy happy!

the best part is, i bought 2 clothes for muffin from the pet shop
aww, when i wen't home, the first thing i did is helpin her to wear on..
so cute!..
i haven't get the photos yet..
so maybe i'll post it next time loh~~~

and happy birthday to kian sheng loh....n.n

Saturday, May 17, 2008

ResulTs.. about that..i'm really sad luh..
i didn't do fact it's bad!...
i really have to push myself to do better on the second semester....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Exam's finally over!..

always hearing friends saying: wow! the exam's over! lets go xx to watch movie or sing karaoke..
well, I'm not so lucky..not yet..
track n field members hv been sayin: oh..look at them..hanging out..we are still training..T.T
but, something happened today that made me really happy and satisfied..

after training, pei chee, vanessa, kai chi, rachel, yu fan and me suddenly decided to go kepong jusco for a movie..
so..we sneak out from school, hoping not to bump into our trainer( ah ching) ...
wah....天意弄人..when we reached a T junction...
we saw a red kancil...
oh my gosh" we thought....
so he stared at us....
i quickly said that : well, we've finished training, so why not go to the movies to relax?
surprisingly, he didn't scold us!
just left us's the first time he's so..kind!

so, we watched NarniA....
it's nice@! we went home around 6 and reached home at 7....
it's fun! and memorable..hehe n.n

Thursday, May 15, 2008


slightly bigger in size, yet still cute~

haha...she learnt : sit, stand up,jumpin into the cage, play fetch..

cute indeed!


hurray! tomorrow's the last day of mid year exam..
quite relief n.n haha...

~hangin out with shalane and friends~

didn't get a chance to go shopping with them today..
had to join training...
missed them so much...
it's been a long time since we go out together...


the compeition is around the corner..
how near izit?
it's on the 26rd of may till 28th
but, all the members need to move into the hostel for training during the 1st day of holiday-23rd..

talk about today's training..'s not really hard though..
i had a great time with every sapoh n.n..
ah, me and pei chi practiced passing the baton..
it's alright! i think....
didn't have really serious mistakes luh~
it's fun n.n

Monday, May 12, 2008


hmm..from day to night, i've been listening people(especially guys) speaking vulgar..
as if it's cool of fun!

some of them even said that it's a way to release you anger.
please, do something worthy instead of these rude stuff!

yuck!...those people who speak those unnecessary words are...well, being rude!
especially girls....
who they think they are... huh?

it's like ruining your image in front of people!
well, guys wouldn't like to see girls vulgarise around..
it's simply rude..

well, if you're scolding people with VULGARS...
maybe..maybe it shows ur anger...
but, u're being so " sakai" ..
knoe what i'm sayin?
you go to school to learn , and u ended up learning to be rude..
in conclusion, u didn't learn anything..u're as same as the people livin in the jungle!

so, if you are one of them, stop!

Friday, May 9, 2008


i had faith in forever..
i believed that friendship could last forever..

but now, i realize that there's no such thing is forever..
love can't last forever, it could last only until the day u die..
there's no forever..

we said that we wanna be best friends forever,
we said so, you said so..
we imagined that 3 of us would still sit down and chat cute to have friends like that!
we imagined, you imagined.

but then...there are unhappy things that happened to us.
and you told us that we can't be bffs.
you told me...
that's harsh!

you said bad things about me..
i didn't mind..

but then, you told someone else about things i've never done!
making out stories..
that's harsh!

i didn't hate you...
i didn't..
but now,
i dislike you..

and now, u are spendin most of ur time with her..
ur 'sister'..
how great is she?
''oh, kill me'' '' i wanna be with you forever''

be with her forever huh?
u told me so..
u told me...
and what happened?

you like to cook for her..
she said that the food are delicious!

the fact is, she didn't eat them!
stupid! wake up!
she distributed the food to her classmates!
what the hell...

and that's the end of a friendship.
i didn't even wanna look at her!
i don't..

there's no friends forever..
there's no forever..

Thursday, May 8, 2008

that's wud friends are for n.n

two great things happened to me today..
thanks to two of my friends!
1stly, i told my friend that i wanted to wake up at 4 in the morning to finish up my art..
and guess whatt.??
he gave me a wake up call at 4 n.n
sweet huh???
2nd, yesterday, my desk was broken because i stuffed too heavy books in it...
so thinking that i'll go and change the table by myself...
this morning, when i reached school..." table's new?!"
hehe..thanks to trusty friend..n.n
i was kinda surprised when he helped me without telling..

thanks guys!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

born in : 11.3.2008
breed : silKy TerriEr
haha...just came back from ikano and bought a baby terrier home!'s totally adorable!!!!
ahh...still couldn't get a really nice picture of her...
she's sleeping now...
well..i'm happy!!!
we finally have another baby at home!