Wednesday, June 25, 2008


three of us preparing for the nationals

well...i've been learnin this for 7 years!

finally got a blackie but my master haven't bring me the belt yet!

it's been 2 months and my other friend hv already got it!

argh...i'm now stucked with this red black stuff..boring...

can't wait to get mine!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

attending tun lim's daughter's wedding dinner (night)

vivi, julie, uncle grandpa, me and beloved mom!

it sure is a busy day!

i've been doing stuff for the whole day!..

so, at night i went to jade's wedding dinner...

it's at Sunway Hotel's ballroom..

that was a huge wedding dinner!

really grand..

and i saw my grandpa's brother..tun lim..ah, still so funny

wedding!'s all for my day!

hhaa...really sleepy now...night night!

TnF at My hOUse ( evening )

hmm..after practicing choir, knowing that some of my friends will be swimming at my house...

i rushed back to join them!

unfortunately, when i stepped into the condo, i saw 5 silly girls sitting at the poolside, waiting for time to pass..=.=

so i found out that the stupid guard, didn't allow my friends to go swimming...

luckily i brought my camera with me..and the 4 silly girls ( me included n,n),

started to take photos..on the grass, at the playground, poolside and also at my house..

haha, fun fun!!!!!

soon, xiao tong and douding left my house...pei chee's the only one left...waitin for her mom to pick her up..

and we talked about stuff...stuff about tnf..haha..

considered as secrets n.n

hah...trusted her only tell de luh~

i don't simply share secrets..

so there's some photos!!! again ..haha..




beside the pool..douding, tong, peichee, me.

pRactiCing for the Acapella Festival~ (afternoon)

okay...the results are out....guess what, i got only only!

hell no..T.T

so, gonna work really really hard on the next semester!

haa..beware! i'll seek revenge!

good results coming right away!!! haha.....

okay, back to the's still a great day tho...

33 choir members practiced singing at the small hall below the staffroom and also headmaster's room..

phew...many people came out to have a look when we were singing..

luckily, we did okay~ ( okie oni ah), that was fun and memorable..interesting too...

and there goes Adrian..staring at us, face as sour as lemon and as black as ashes..

he was angry of what?

for us singing too happily...singing songs that are not gonna be performed..

i mean...can't we do that?

he's just being weird..=.=

so, after the practicing..we took some photos~~haha..

now, take a look!


wei chuen, zhi heng and me! n.n

ha...yan, chuen, kioko, chiayi, me and hua yi.

Monday, June 16, 2008

trip to Ai FM and grandma's birthday dinner!

haha..on our way to ANGKASAPURI...
we sang happily in the car and behaved like kids!
at the waiting room...preparing to go on air!
phoo,....excited oh!

okie, it's 5.15 and we are officially on air! the whole world's listening to us!


okie, the air thing was amazing! it last only an hour ( how i wish it's 2 hours)

so, happy, and playing around as we walk to the main entrance of Angkasapuri..


me and joshua....

yepyep, that's a great experience!

hmm....we successfully strengthened our bond of friednship!, after this, mom brought me to grandma's place and celebrate her birthday!

this, is absolutely an amazing and exhausting day! but, i'm like the most happy girl in the world!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

a trip to klang

it's teacher's day, so school off earlier..

and, to prepare for the Ai Fm interview, we went klang to meet teacher..

to practice singing!...

we went there at 1.30 and reached kl at 9.30 PM !

cool huh...

in ktm..
on our way to n joshua

haha...we were singing in the ktm..
sharing jokes...

hehe..everyone was loookin at us..
as if we were monsters!!
haha... we still enjoyed! ( sot sot der) taregga guitar house..
practicing for ai fm's interview n.n
i've never felt this happiness for quite a long time ( durin singin)
the echo, spirit, voice of each of us are bonded together..
felt beautiful, calm..
it's great!

after singin
havin dinner at mc donalds..
we're in bkt tinggi jusco!

haha...拉屎王..han kai's new name..

hhee..we played a fool on him...

as we were havin dinner, he sneaked to the toilet for half an hour!

=.= blur...hehe funny loh!

haha...happy people walking around!

haiyah...i really had a great day at klang!

i'm now at home missin those guys..

friends, i miz u so so much!

i really hope that this will never end..hehe..(still dreamin)

there's still some pictures that haven been uploaded..

T.T server low...

so everythin's slow


Friday, June 13, 2008


haha....we started practicing for the competition on tuesday...
at first, i felt that everyone didn't have the mood to sing..
but on wednesday, things got better!
and today's the biggie....the competition's here!
we practiced lunch together and sang together..
things got much better!
we started to add in some cute moves!
then when the song's done, i was so touched...
thinking back, our class have never been so close before..
this is a great competition that can let students get closer to each other..

so...around 5 pm, we went to the music room, sang happily, left the music room "dumbly"
and surprisingly, got into the finals!
haha...i'm going to belanja you guys a cake from secret recipe!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

preparing for the ai fm thingi..

heee...i went out at 12.00 school ofcourse..
we practiced prepare for next sunday's event..
we're going to ai fm radio station!
it's quite a great chance to show out talents,....

joshua, me, jia fei, xin mei, rong jiang, amy, jun jie, chia yi, han kai and qian yi..
10 of us were che chosen one..

after practicing, we went mutiara for lunch...
wow...after we finished eatin..we began to sing..
whoa...everyone were looking at us as if we were monsters..
yet..we enjoyed it!
it has been a long time since we last sang the chinese songs..
so enjoyin!

and now i'm at home..struggling to finish my homework!
if i have a fairy beside me, she might help me finish my homework..
how good it will be!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

choir camp

choir camp 3-6/6

hmm...just got back from the camp....
at first i didn't feel like attending the camp...
but then, everything changed when i was there...

we slept in the classroom throughout the camp..
it was actually interesting!

..1st day..

i sneaked out from camp and then went gathering...
so i missed the games... sob sob"

feng ling and chia yi slept next to me...
so we had girls talk.. about the happenings around us..

oh, and my cute friends!
the form one and form two's...hehe
they were talkiing about boys..
haha....young, naive..yet, cute...

..2nd day..

ooh..this is an interesting day..

dao xiang arrived in the afternoon and i was totally shocked!
hiss hair was so long~longer than mine....
i was so happy seeing him! at night, we played treasure was hard
but, we finally solved it!
interesting huh....

so when we got back to the room, it's 12 midnight...
chatting with feng ling, chia ya and dx was fun !

..3rd day..

ah, this was the best day!

morning..woke up and practiced ( macnificat)

noon, dx left....

at night around 8 till 10 pm, we danced and sang happily in the music room..
then i, many people can dance!
especially Joshua..his latin's so sexy!
and uh..some new guys such as han ying, hong chern, zhen hua/..
haha..they're daring to play..
at first i thought that they were just some shy guys..
rupa-rupanya,, they really can play!
so we danced 18 steps ( dance move) free!
and uh, we danced and sang 第一支舞..
it was fun! especially with joshua and ah chu...hehe...
we danced like crazy!

night...dao xiang and dao zhuo came again! night, wei chuen, me , dao xiang and zhuo chat until 5.30 am!
ah..this is the golden moment of the camp..
i finally found someone to share my feelings....
i felt relieved!
aand wei chuen told me many things too...
and both of us disliked her(secret person) happy!!!! after releasing all my anger, i was so happy!!!!

and then around 5.00....that guy called me to talk out of the class room and talked...
he asked if it's real ( an unhappy incident that happened between me and her -ex)
so he finally knew what she did to me...
think about it, she's so childish...more a less a sampat!
that's her personality..
i still feel happy~ hehe! no matter what she does to me!
cause when i see her in her eyes, i realize that she's quite afraid and angry!
and there's another group playing cards..=.=
and the one who lost had to do some wierd stuff....
and hong chern kissed a chu....
so funny! made me laugh until i couldn't talk!
they sure are daring!

so, 5.30....
we took a quick nap and 4th day has begun

..4th day..

waking up at 7 am is quite difficult for me~
we slept too late!
so we practiced singing...
and then writing some stuff...
then home!

i liked the camp a lot!
i enjoyed it a lot!
so....i'm lookin forward to the year end camp!

and i appreciate the friends i have luh...wei chuen, chia yi, feng ling, joshua, xin mei..etc!
miss you guys!!!!!!!!

loved the moment we talked...
normally, i always see wei chuen as a very happy person..basically no worries or stuff..
actually i was wrong...
that night we chat, then i finally knew he had his own problems...

gambadeh! lets work hard together!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

6m gathering

..6m GatherinG..

preparing to go to t.s

..still at school

jin, me, yong lim, yong yan.

6m's red box

havin branch=breakfast+lunch

us again..wit some wierd faces

when we were in red box, we saw pin guan!
he was just a few rooms away from ours!
wow...when i saw him, i was like...
oh my gosh! am i dreaming??!!!
he's tall and good looking!
even better on tv!
hehe..i felt so lucky/...

oh, talk about the gathering..
it's quite memorable..
everyone didn't change a lot...
we still could talk happily, chat laugh singing around etc!
still good!

i'm actually attending choir camp..
4 days and 3 nights..
hehe..i sneaked out for this gathering...

Monday, June 2, 2008

form 4 group photo:

bing en, kenneth, kennard, kai zhi.

wei ning, me, tong tong.

wei jian, nicol, jing wen.

group photo:

outside ria apartment~

group photo in the theme park~

warm lie??

hee..just came back from genting with track n field..
wah..this is the best genting trip i've ever experienced!
20 of us sat on the same roller coaster, the same pirate ship..

we really shouted throughout the games!

it's fun~ the feel isn't the same when i go out with them..
i felt warm, felt happy, felt relief

1st day

i went late because of the piano trial exam...
so when i was on the bus, kennard suddenly sms me and said he's going!
aww...i was quite shocked, but happy..ofcourse luh, the more the merrier!

at night, we ate steam boat!'s not that delicious but we had great time...

then ...1.30 am, we went for a show: indiana jonnes..
ah...the 1st 10 minutes i was watchin...after that, i slept thoughout the whole movie..
it was boring!!!

then..we went starbucks for coffee..and walked to old town for breakfast ( 4.30 am)
so after going back to the apartment, everyone slept except me, wei ning, wei jian and nicol
we chat a lot of things and shared out thoughts..
it's fun..we get to know each other..

2nd day

on the pirate ship~

we didn't sleep..around 7 am, we cooked breakfast for out friends..hehe fun fun fun!
then theme park...

the best game was cork screw, we had really really really shouted!
next, pirate ship...hehe...xiao tong overcomed her fear..she finally dare to ride it!we shouted, laughed througout the game..

at night, we went for the flume ride ( river rapid)
wow..the moment we slide down from the slide, ( me, tong and dou ding on a boat: kennard, kenneth, bing en on another boat)
we splashed water onto each other...
which made us shiverring...
but that was really fun....!!!
when we were wet, we went to the spinner( sat on that swing, shout and go shivering;too cold)

and now i am sick =.=

3rd day..

hehe..nothing much happened..
went indoor theme park to take the 'big head photo'
then we went home....

yoh..i really miss them now..siu mai..pei chee..soya..
especially those form 6 ones....
i really hope that we can hang out during the year end holiday!
it would be fun!

guys..i miss you!

chong hwa fight!!!!!!!!!! love u guys!