Thursday, September 25, 2008

the Week~

Hello Guys!
..didn't blog for quite some time~ hehe..busy watching 不良笑花..!t's a really nice drama~
so, these are my activities for the whole week n.n !!
Went back to Klang with brother n dad, and had lunch at AHYAT abalone..felt kinda disappointed coz the food we loved wasn't there, the dim sum were kinda messy and slimy..ewwwww...Later on, as usual, i attended taekwondo lesson at Hin Hua primary..Felt great to see Casovia ( didn't see her after August's national remaja) hehe...still looking sweet and cute @.@ ... and uh~ hehe..there was a cute guy who joined our training..hahahha! even tho..he's still Green but me n Casovia are black..muahahaha~
hmm...boring day~ hehe..nothing much happened n.n
ah, went swimming with Shalane and ended up having muscle aches...hehe....trying to exercise..
met Yong Hui at the canteen and ate lunch together..felt kinda strange eating with such a cute friend but we didn't have any topics to chat about..not like last time..hmm..anyway, he's still cute and talks quite weirdly~ that's what i like about him n.n cute huh! hmm..struggling from muscle aches..during lessons, i suddenly recalled that Y.H once helped me to "press" my aching arms..T.T ~ aww..
24th will be Sandrea's 16th birthday so Rocky and Xue Ying went to my house to make Cheese Cake..and it turned out to be..kinda nice n.n although the cheese's a bit hard~ bleh~
it's Sandrea's birthday! 7.30-asked Cecelia whether i can bring out the cake to celebrate and she refused to..haha, we celebrated her birthday at the canteen during 2nd recess! She was in tears when she saw the cake ( cheese cake's her fav!) haha..after saying thanks, she grabbed a spoon and started to dig deep into the cake! and ate a quarter of them..i was so full after having a small slice but, cheese cake lovers can eat the whole thing in jz a while.. i guess..hehe...
and, Sandrea also called me and said thanks at night~ we chat like..erm..20 minutes i guess ..haa~
well, the exam's and 14 days away and i haven't started mood lurh~ T.T oh my...physics and maths are certainly hard for me...wish me all the best hehe~~~~
i guess i have to stop now~ gonna study~ or sleep, maybe.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A GreaT day~

finally, me and Xiang Yi passed our volleyball test- the digging..
hhaa~ we were obviously excited about it as our dear coach gave us excess time to train and etc..hmm...after that, Kennard, Fann, w.h.y, Malao, Mr.yap, yuan Wei played basketball~hehe...that was the funniest part of the lesson...3 of them are basketball school team and they were playing like..babies..hhee..defenitely cute! but, they did show some cool moves ..n.n they certainly made us girls laugh like hell...haaaaa~ so, I'm hoping that next time, our p.e lessons would be as fun as this one!!! n.n

oh yeah.sat for algebra test today and it kinda made me feel upset..gosh~ clearly, i didn't do well!

p/s: didn't blog for quite some time coz mimi kept the modem jz to PREVENT my brother from playin computer =.= uh~ help...

Friday, September 12, 2008


Feeling kinda lost this days..
too many work to do and i certainly didn't know where to start..
my dreams disappeared all in a sudden..
lost confident in studies and many other stuff...
ah~ what's wrong with me??

didn't feel like studying..
didn't feel like laughing ..
didn't feel like myself..
gotta do something with's freaky..
two more years and there goes my future..
really need to figure about the problem..

smile happy~
always get sick these days..lack of exercise..kinda weak T.T
I've never ever felt like this...


hee~ made a couple of muffins this evening... looked nice..but when they cool down..i can taste that it's still a bit burnt~
failed~ but slightly better than the 1st time..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


la Voce and chonghwa choir's concert's gonna be held next year!
yeah, that's a dream come true~

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mooncake Festival at School

it's a beautiful night..though, there's no sign of the moon..

we had a performance and sang 月光光,月亮代表我的心,月亮圆。

we did quite okay and we're really proud of our performance

they invited the elder teachers to participate in the opening ceremony

in the classroom n han ying

plus our 笔神

enjoying ourselves..felt quite warm~ we were packing our stuff after the performance, our music teacher came into the class and started to play with his er hu..enjoyed! he brought the instrument to life~

and, it was drizzling outside and me, ah dai, han ying, cheng da, wei yong, guo hao and han khai plaayed volley ball.

i had the best game ever!

playing in the dark..and everyone's kinda, it's cool, hope that we would hv another chance to play together..

just forget about the stuff we don't like about each other during the meetings or what so on, and play like never before!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


my brother's such a loser!
pmr and uec is around the corner and he still could go to his friend's house for games every evening!
what a loser!

he's in charge of taking the food from the caterer and just because he's at his friend's house he called me to help.
and to make things worst, he promised that he'll wash the dishes after the dinner.

hell yeah, things ended up like i expected from the very beginning.
he suggested that he would soap up the dishes and i'll wash it.
what the S*** is that?!
trying to take advantage of me again?!
i'm so pissed that i washed the dishes by my own.

while i was soaping them, he told me that: i'll wash it later.
then, off he went to the living room, i plate of fruits on his hand and started to watch the idiot box!
what the hell...he didn't know that the dishes hv to be washed immediately after thery're soaped?!

15 years old and still so dumb..

and i hate people who always talk about the past..trying to make me fell bad huh?!

after theory lesson, i went home by Shian and Shiyan's car..
unfortunately, he parked his car at the mosque and the Muslims were praying!..
the car was stucked and we waited for half an hour for the people to come out..phew..what an experience!
hehe....anyway, thanks for fetching me home! n.n

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


i was chatting with ah tai, qian yi and han ying in the music room..
suddenly qian yi talked about birthday..suddenly han ying said his birthday's on November..
so i asked when...surprisingly, same with mine! 3.11.92..
i was totally stunned! haha...
2.11 's han lin n jun ming's b'day and 3.11's me n han ying's b'day..

Monday, September 1, 2008


just came back from Singapore..phew!
12 hours shopping and 18 hours in the train..
tiring and fun!
didn't hv enough time to shop so just bought a pair of nike and 4 keroros..happy n.n
here they are!

haha!! u're so dead! nooooo~ help me~~~

hehe~~ pok pok! u're happy coz u knocked my helmet?!