Saturday, November 5, 2011

19th part 2

as 3rd ovember passed , my birthday celebration continued.
today went to betty's and i thought it was an ordinary dinner.
walked out of the washroom and everyone singing the song , with a cake
damn i really thought the cake was baked.

had dinner at chilli's one utama with choir friends.
got a birthday card, cakes, candy and sourtape.
yes, simple but sweet.

i have really sweet friends. i'm blessed. thanks ♥♥

Thursday, November 3, 2011

i'm 19 ♥

being 19, i got some girly presents for this birthday.
AnnaSui perfume, earings and bangles from heart attack and a blue scarf.
damn i'm so happy right now!
more than 300 fb wishes, several phone calls, many text messsages.
most of all was the surprises they gave me

it was 11.45 i saw Shalane's tweet saying: goodnight world
my heart just sank for an instant. but around 12 30, as i was on the phone with a friend,
Shalane, Teddy, Sheryl Sean and Abu dashed into my room singing the IT song with 5 slices of cheesecakes.
yumm my favorite.  They did have a good time with Twistee and bought me the parfume, smells nice =)
then at 2.30, they brought me to the poolside to talk. and, PUSHED ME IN. just like last year. okay, don't make this a routine.

Rewind, before 12 i asked my sweetest bastard to wish me happy birthday and he said must wait till tomorrow. 12 sharp, he called . damn sweet.

Then, the fat guy from Russia gave me a call saying it's 12 there. I'm truely touched ;)

In the morning, as i was studying in Starbucks suddenly someone blindfolded me and asked me to guess.
Dude i was so suprised it was Imran and Sujahn. Jumping up with excitement i hugged them, which made the others think that we got something on.  Seeing the note that he gave me : I LOVE YOU, ps go get a bf, they truely thought we got something on. hahahaha , and i said we are better than best friends. seriously.

so that's pretty much of it ;) thanks for being there for me, in good or bad times, thank you my dear friends, and mom and dad and brother. U guys have been really sweet and I LOVE YOU ALL! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

exam's around the corner, i'd been spending most of my time in starbucks studying for the past two weeks.
the best part was meeting some destructively awesome people, we just clicked =)
all in a sudden i just feel like sticking to u guys. love u  nutss!
liking the way we do our barkings, talking crap like no one's business, sharing some music, sharing coffee. having lunch and dinner at lunchbox, laughing all the way from starbucks to the carpark. there's more to come man, hope we still have each other nex yr sem 2, in Aussie. together.
NUTS, love u guys <3 <3 <3
i'm having an awesome swotbreak.

Monday, October 17, 2011

if i'm never invited, how can i feel left out?

dunno what's wrong with me. getting a lil sensitive these days

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sad case

well, talking about being left out. It happens once in a while.
 Not only me being left out, 
 i left someone out.

Well, this is what hurts the most.
it hurts like shit.
there was once i remember a group of friends making plans of going on a tour to some state..
in front of ma face

they did not ask me.

and i remembered it just happened recently,
where my whole group of friends have forgotten to ask one of my friend 
to volunteer for the prom. 
and then i was happily showing off my purple dress ,
she asked: oh what is it for?

darn...that feels bad!

well, no matter being left out or left someone out, 
it is painful
but maybe, they don't intend to do so to hurt your feelings
just...they have forgotten.
okay, it's equally bad. 

at least i'll be more alert not to leave my friends behind
cus i know how it feels. 
and that's what i wanna say:

one last thing, 
It's not worth it to be sad for other's mistakes.
you can't do anything about it. 
so , move on people!!! =P