Thursday, April 17, 2008


this wednesday, the people in-charged of this competition came to school and started to make announcement about the competition..

we did it in time, by the time i was announcing through the school speaker, they finished giving out the forms and stuff..

that's team work!

thanks guys~~~ i was really happy!

during that day, a form 5 girl kinda make me angry..

i don't hv to tell who is she luh, but some of my friend knew..

what she's the story..

when i stepped into the class, i started to write some info on the whiteboard..

this naive/no manners girl said: can i erase those words?

well, i didn't bother her until i went out of the class,

she erased those words and rewrite it again..

stupid....that's not funny..that's rude!

plus, she still think that she's cute~ bla bla bla..


okie okie, no point to b angry of these kind of people luh~

so, abt the competition..

weehee! my classmates are taking part too!

many friends support this competition..

they even asked their teachers to participate!

aww..that's sweet..;

i really hope that this competition

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

life as a form 4 student..
it's hard!..
now i realized that i've not been smiling that frequently since school reopen..
some of my friends said that i'm more serious compared to those days..
i wan't the old me! not this serious me!
well.....i also realized i'm always sad than happy..
T.T har..what can i do???? always feel like cryyin..

in the class, as a monitor, how could i make noise and mess up the class?
i hv to call them to keep quiet..everyday..repeat and repeat and repeat..
it's boring!

the new student are so stubborn!
they aren't willing to learn...
which made me so mad~~~
during society, i'm angry because they don't pay attention what teacher's sayin..
yeah, i'm angry again...
life is quite meaningless living like that right?

i have to change everything!
make it right!
oh..all the best to me~~

there's also something that have been confusing me...
it's my feelings...
ah..i don't know what i'm thinking~~

i kinda talked with songling today during lessons..
well, i told her some stuff that hv been confusing me....
and now i still don't what to do....
should i forget or face it....
well....let time tell everything....

Monday, April 14, 2008

TrAcK n FieLd's a hard day~ weehee
well, after school, we had a training..
wow...400 metres x 8 rounds..( i did only 4)
then, training till the half way, coach called me to do some physical exercise..
guess what..........

yup...legs are tied with a tyre and i have to run...
it's so tiring and hard!

hmm....luckily..everything's over by now..
need to study for tomorrow's test ( computer), then do some physics notes..
and then, bed time!

had a great day at school...
finally, i passed my algebra test! hurray~~~~~

hee....and uh....i'll b making an announcement on wednesday morning!


didn't have much time for it..
i was just busy doing alll the preparation for the competition...
bz bz bz!!!!!!
big prroblem...i'm havin a trouble on teaching the new students...
how can they join choir when they don't have a right pitch??
they can't even reach high F!
that's terrible for a soprano~~~ T.T
thanks to someone~the person who let these kids join choir..

i'm sure that this won't be happening again next year!
i swear!

i've been learning taekwondo since i was in std 3..'s been quite a while!
well, i'm now in 2nd dan..
i loved this sport, fun but tiring..
joining the taekwondo national remaja is the motivation for me to continue learning taekwondo..
hmm...7 years!

i met 2 best friends there!
the 1st one is puisiong, following casovia..
they are my partner since the 1st time i join these competition..
well, we also got great results!
champion for 5 years, 2nd for a year..
there's a possibility that we'll be going to korea for the world championship if we get champion this year!

unfortunately, these few months, i felt quite bored training..just learn things that we knew!'
repeat and repeat and repeat..
so, i'm absent for a feew weeeks..
guess what?
today, sir taught 3 of us a new taegeuk-taeback's cool..the pattern's nice!
well, i'm quite happy with the lesson today..

eventho, i still think that i won't be learning long lar..
maybe jz a few years more..

see how things goes luh~
hope that it gets better, i still love taekwondo!

Friday, April 11, 2008

English Allocation Competition

it's the english allocation contest..


it was held in the auditorium..

so i didn't felt that right..

the mood wasn't there...

so....wasn't surprised that i didn't won~~'s okay though..

i'll do better next year!


at least i got a champion for Bm syarahan

hehe....that's the way to comfort myself


Something that made me pissed off today..

after the speech competition, i went back to the class..

without! looking upset~ haha

i was alright...until someone did something really wrong!

while i was busy doing my physics,

TWO of my boys classmate suddenly said that they wanna play something..

what happened next?

they were playing..laughing at each other..

suddenly one of them touched my face..chin actually..

damn it!...i was so angry and i just shouted at him in front of everyone!

who allowed him to touch my face??!!

i was really really angry..

he tried to talk to me but, i didn't respond..i really hoped that he'll shut up!..

i was really really angry!

That guy..he's actually okay~ unfortunately, the guy sitting next to him..

he really makes me mad!

he's and re! he's just being wierd!

damn him...

and so, he's getting worse day by day..thanks to that friend of his!

i really wanted to hit both of them hard on their faces!


That wierd guy~

hehe....that wierd guy..sitting quite near me..

he's been acting wierd since the 2nd of april!

everyday, he's acting like..he cares a lot aboutme..

he kept asking: michelle, are u alright?

Michelle, are u hungry?

Michelle, are u sick? i'll make some honey ginger for u!

urgh...sick? yes.. sick of him being so annoying!

haha...luckilly, i have a good friend sitting behind me- kennard..

i'll just talk with him whenever i feel like talking..

so, today when i was really annoyed by this freak, i talk to him too..

and what he said surprised me!

kennard: oh, that guy..i hit him before when we were in form one!

my evil thoughts ran through my mind: yo man! why don't u him him hard for me??

hehe...i did told a kiddin way..

haha...he said: yeah, sure! i saw what he did to time when he really make me angry, i'll hit him for u!

yeah! i was so happy!


haha...this guy, he hv been in the same class with me since form 2!

he actually helped me a lot!

we're class monitors for 2 years!

haha..i'm really happy..

remember when i was in form 2, i failed my exam and i cried ( u know lar..i'm not used to fail exams those days)

it was a saturday!

he told me to work harder and don't cry loh~~


this year, January.

we are monitors too..

it was an afternoon and the class was really noisy!

i can't take control of it, and i saw the teacher sitting infront, angrilly..

so depressed!

i laid on the table and cried...( don't know y i cried actually)

after school, he came to me and said : don't cry lar~ next time when they r noisy i'll help u to call them to b quiet! don't cry~

i looked at him...slightly happier...

he said again: nah, if u cry again i'll just tell cecelia( form teacher) that u don't wanna b a monitor anymore! what for make urself so angry?


so..i feel grateful having a friend like this luh~

Monday, April 7, 2008

back from phuket-patong beach

look! patong beach..

that's the place


it's as nice as...uhm..

nah, unspeakable..

it's even better than the islands in m'sia!

1st day

haha...took a quick snap at the airport..

nearly got scolded by the guards as this is a private place..

people aren't allowed to take photos here

well...after unpacking our stuff,

we wen't to the only mall in patong beach..
it's a really expensive place though..

it's made out of

metal..bicycle chain..screws and lots more!

night life .. the beach is quiet by then..
there's a busy street next to the beach..
we walked along..bought some stuff..had supper..
there's bands singing in almost every air pubs!
that's cool~

the seafood..ah! great!

2nd day

haha..wen't snorkeling and toured around the island in phuket..

took this photo in the speed boat..

it's really windy here!

unfortunately, mom and brother got seasick..

they had to stay in the speedboat for the whole day!

here it is..the 1st stop..

PILEH LAGOON..oh dear..look at the blue's really nice!

2nd destination..

extremely beautiful place..

look at the colour of the water..

it's like what i saw in the movies..

and it really exists!

this was the best place-


i relaxed on the beach

took lots of photos..


beautiful huh??!!

it's a nice place..

leonardo decaprio was here to shoot a moive!

my macho boyfriend..

haha...just kiddin..

he's the guy that my mom n me admired...*macho body*

muahaha...i was at cloud nine when he took the photo wit me

hehe...really happy!!!

just enjoyin.....beautiful beach with a beautiful girl..

ngek ngek..just jokin...

it's a way to keep myself happy though...


snorkelling in the middle of the sea..

sumthing funny going on here..

the fish eat bannas..

aww~~ that's cute!

and wierd...

the corals aren't as nice as those in tioman's tho..

had lunch at the seaside...beautiful weather..

thinking of someone....

hehe...the last place..

nothing much here..

just people sunbathing..

after that..we went back to the hotel, took a nap..

and joined the busy night life..
it's a special night..
we walked passed the a go go bars..
there were girls pole dancing..

there were aquas in their uniforms..

it's quite interesting!

wen't back to the hotel room around 1 in the morning..


3rd day

this is the last day in phuket..

in the morning..

me and brother went for parasailing..'s fun!

look at the picture..

i was up there!

felt that i'm flying...

we wen't home at 4 evening....

it's a great trip..

i'm sure that i'll be going there again very soon!

the service is really good..

people in thailand treat us good!

they always remind themselves to smile...

~ThE eNd~

Friday, April 4, 2008

thE staRt oF SomeTHinG nEw..n.n

Well, this is the day i start blogging..

hurray!! haha..

tomorrow's ching ming's festival and the skool hs 2 day offs!!

people should be 'visiting' their ancestors..but my family didn't..haha

i'll be going to phuket for a holiday..

3 days 2 nights..

i'll be goin there by tomorrow afternoon!

yeah...PATONG BEACH, i'm coming!


there's a competition going on after the 2nd semester's holiday..

it's the inter-class singing competition!

cool huh?

well, this will be the 1st year of the competition, and i'm the one in charge!

it's quite hard tho..

we had a meeting after school today,

to discuss about the competition,

we had lots of things to do- posters, bookings, inviting the judges..

much more!

it's the start of something new!

with the help of my dear choir friends, i'm sure that we can do well!

good luck n work hardddd ya'll!


there's a test going on today, we had to memorize idioms and some other stuff..

it's like..uh, so boring!

there's a guy who sat next to me..

this is a bad day, for HIM!

he wrote all the stuff into a piece of paper..

guess what?

he was the 60 yr old chinese teacher!

"oh my god".. that was the 3 words that ran through my mind at that moment..

he should b more careful..haha..or he shouldn't cheat..

well..people make mistakes, don't they?