Sunday, November 30, 2008

InteresTing Saturday's 11.45 pm...and i just arrived home. haha!!
Rise and shine baby! Woke up at 7 and cycled to school for the choir practice..well, i'll be performing at PJ tomorrow..erm..the practice was not so hope that everything will be fine tomorrow!..oh yeah, hope so..
Went out to Mid Valley with mommy..planned to go MPH to get some stuff..and my motif was to find some friends!
1. Saw Lim Fann working at Padini. He was so busy dealing with the clothes!..and didn't even realize my presence..=.= yeah, whatever..So, the thing wants to try on some outfits so i hide behind her..
Mom :" what's the max amount of clothes that could be tried at a time?'
Fann :" 5 pieces."
Me : ( jump up from mom's back) " ha! 5 onie arrrr???!!!!" ( in a really loud tone..jz trying to freak him out)
then the embarrassing part..i shouted too loudly and the people queuing stared at me..of course..Fann grinned..ngek ngek..
2. Went to Padini once again..saw Yuan Ji..and he didn't notice me too..he was too busy hanging the clothes..
i walked beside him..and pretended to look for clothing..then surprisingly, this young man was so focused that he didn't realise me =.= ( felt invisible) So, i bumped into him..and..As i predicted..he was in total shock..nyahaha~
I wanted to take some photos of them working with my when i took it out..i realized that i forgot to bring the battery! wow...dumb huh? So, no photos for today~
Since i didn't find any cute puppies at Mid Valley, mom and I tried to rush to Ikano..unfortunately, the pet zone has closed..aww T.T ..
and there, I had the most healthy Ice Cream -- Yogurt's low fat, low calories..and tastes great! costs RM 6.30 per cup..super duper delicious..
As for the Langkawi trip..i didn't go orh~told mom that i wanted to perform on Sunday so we didn't go..hehe..

Friday, November 28, 2008

No TiTle~

finally! got a chance to meet my dear Shalane..and chat a lot..gossip a lot..hang out lo~ hehe..
went swimming with her and the water in the pool was so blu-ish..yuck! not the normal's the greenish blue! gosh~ that was horrible..i could barely see a thing inside the water..not even my own toe! yikes~
and uh..went to Kepong Jusco with mommy to get some snacks for tomorrow's Langkawi trip..teehee!
also, we dropped by at the Debt Pet, Ramsdens and Pet's Heaven to look for puppies! erm..although, we didn't got's looking forward for another silky terrier...and it's kinda rare..( couldn't be found everywhere ) ( not like shih tzu. at least..=.= ) ..
so, the best part was~~ taadaa! i saw Sing Yenn and Dessan at Jusco! Yenn's hair's so so so so long! and Dessan still looked neat and cute n.n well...the bad thing was i dunno when will i see them again! wow..i was in cloud nine when i saw them! hehe actually they saw me first..i didn't wear spectacles so i couldn't see far..yada it's kinda memorable! hehe...miss u guys! aww~'s late at night and i'm still listening to 988's ghost stories..spooky ooky! well, have to wake up for choir practice tomorrow~ boooo...yet, i can't run away from it.. gosh~
so uh, that's all for today! weeheee~~~~ and, 霹雳MIT's a great drama!!!!!!! it's about school investigations! guys, if u hv any time! any!! just download it and watch! as cool as..uh...dunno what to describe..aiyah! it's nice lorh~ trust me !!!
Loads and loads of love!! night night friends n.n

Thursday, November 27, 2008

hey rowena!! yeah..i saw the photos...well guys..that's not my image~

these wierd photos were taken by Rowena's VaIO..kinda goofy.
hehe! once in a while..hehe..should be alright..

well..this was taken at The Apartment..the great Desert! with a smiley face n.n

this^^ is my dog..or my grandma's ..hehe..
sushi: ooh!! i see some hot guys!! miao~~~

sushi: help me!!! my eyes are gonna pop out! my tongue's too long and i can't close my jaws!! T.T

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pei Chee's Birthday Party

Went to pei chee's house to celebrate her birthday! aww...i'm regretting about not attending 2008's countdown! the party was..perfect! hehe....she invited some of her friends and also TnF...well, i think most of them are Form 6 students and the younger ones are grounded at home! muahaha!!!so..erm...Pictures~~
us! hehe...jz like happy family n.n.. erm..6 pm..watching 篮球火...waiting for the arrival of guests

Alfred..preparing for the barbecue's kinda hard actually! it's so hot that i hv to stay away from it ( prevent my contact lens from melting hehe)

guys..playing basketball right after having Chicken Wings! no wonder they hv a great figure..hehe
when there is a show, there will be spectators!
hehe..aluba!!! present from soya ..hehe..

and here's our beautiful birthday girl cutting a beautiful and strawberrious cake!!!

kun yong made this birthday cake! doesn't look so great but actually the taste it just perfect! he's a good baker..not like me..few days ago i woke up at midnight and make a so-called Chocolate Cake..put that mixture into the oven for an hour! and it got burnt..and taste as bad as mud~ T.T

groupie! haha!!! we were having our luxurious dinner, we chat about everything..this was actually the best part of the whole party! chatting is fun! hehe...well..they do gossip a lot! and..hehe!! yi feng finally got back with Rachel! hurray!!! but uh..he's going to Kepong Bahru next year..( so unfortunate )
erm..we tried to stay awake until 3.15 a.m...and the boys went to alfred's house while girls had a sleepover at Pei Chee's house..hehe..
me and xiu wei..hehe...that remote car's actually kinda fun..although it's a bit childish~ h,m..actually we were waiting for the others to get their bath..
so...that Lion is loving with Peichee..not us ==..aww how sweet!
and ..someones trying to 'communicate' and trying to be "Lucky"!!!
five of us...Zzzzz time for bed!!! looked tired ~

*Xx THe EnD xX*

Thursday, November 13, 2008

muahahaha!!!!!!!! the Rubik's Cube!

i spent the whole day learning it and boom! i finally manage to solve it! muahahahaha~ i can't really tell how happy i am but..erm...yeah..i'm totally glad that i did it! n.n

Monday, November 3, 2008

!6 th BirthDay~

hehe..celebrated birthday at Times Square..hmm....
3 surprises :
1. Nicol said that he won't b coming and he turned up knocking my door..
2. Graduated friends still remember my birthday
3. When i was at Red Box..They suddenly brought a cake from no where..hehe

Well..we watched High School Musical 3..It was great! hmm...quite lum oh...
But the only thing was i lost my voice and couldn't sing...T.T

havin lunch


oh face kena cream..

wiping it off

hehe..his b'day was just few days ahead of me

my presents..of course some of them i didn't post..


06' - concert
07' choir camp
''the way i am'' practice at my house

eagle ranch 07'

eagle ranch dinner 07'

eagle ranch 07'

swimming-eagle ranch 07'

concert 07'

finally..07' graduation

met them at genting 08''

it's a beautiful morning..woke up at 8.00 am and went into the computer room...

started to look back at my friendsters photo..the old ones. suddenly felt warm yet there's a kind of sadness in me. Gosh..i miss my graduated friends a lot~ choir.... looking back at those photos, i only knew that how it feels to be with a group of friends that treat each other sincerely..really good friends..( the pure type)..we really played together..laugh together..cry together..we did everything together...

Today's choir...i can't find this type of feel. sadly..i know that i'm a senior now and i'm supposed to take care of the little ones and make them feel like they are loved..but..i felt the one had ever mentioned that ''wow! i love choir! it's my second family'' ..not anymore..Well, it's complicated..there are gangs all over..students dislike some's complicated and it's a very ''well disciplined society'' . No warm feelings, only hard feelings.

I Miss Those days~ !! the leaders are saying that it's time for us to correct the way students act..DISCIPLINE! well, i hate this ~ yes, discipline is very important..but most of all, we should learn in a happy place..i believe that we aren't happy..not like those days..

haiz, i have nothing to say... or should i say : i have no rights to make decisions..