Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunway With 5s Ai ^^


went to sunway pyramid with keroro, singz, snowy, yoke woey,

foo wei, hoho, jue ying, and chee yang !!

this is my 3rd time skating~ fun fun fun!!!!

waiting for the taxi to come!! cheese~!

hehe..keroro, hoho and me were in the same taxi ..

so we reached first, and say *muaks! to the stone ( mummy) haha~~

kinda cool ..hehe..
here's where we bought our tickets..RM 21 per person n.n

class monitors on action!

groupy!~ lurve ya'll!

we were dancing on the skating rink..whoa..that was totally cool!


chee yang with 嘉欣家的小雨 n.n

hehe.....i like this cuz ten ten smiled !!!~! @.@

..me n yoke woei..posing posing posing!

after skating, we went to Mc Donalds..on our way..

i was forced to eat a bunch of fries after feeding Sing a spoonfull of tomato sos..eww...
and the worse part was..
i didn't swollow the fries and i put them back on the tray..
then! foo wei was asked to take one and eat...yikes..it had my saliva on it..ewww!!!

ice cream +burger=yummy!

yeah! finished eating lu..the best MC lunch i've had..funny and entertaining!

something then caught our attention...



and then to the cool streets...hehe

these are baby socks !? which are used to...put their handphones =.=

as we went home, the sky was raining....aww....

5S ai rawks!!!!!!!!!!!!

holding hands while skating's really fun n.n

and romantic!! well...it is!!

me and ten ten still didn't waNNA stop skating..so we were like

1: ei..last round ah..

and then

2: one more round !

and again

3: yerh..two last rounds..really two oni!!

and later

:skate until they ask us to clear away lorh...( they wanted to polish the ice)

haha.......it was really really really fun skating with them~! wanna do this again man!~*

special thanks to: jue ying ( organizer )

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

hehe! went to Selayang Stadium to train for Wilayah ( though, i'm not sure whether i'm taking part or not) and went back to school at 12.00...

obviously, i was so tired that i couldn't pay attention during night's maths tuition.

tired and frustrated cuz i couldn't think properly and had problems solving the questions *sigh*

so..here are some pictures ~!!!!!!


ZHuo-wei n me...well, known him since std 6 .
we still get to meet up every year..*thx to the Sentul Olahraga* hehe..
and also Sentul's basketball competition * it was held at my school ^^*

from left, AI Huey, Raymond, me n wEI.
Ai Huey..: the very talented athlete..known her since std 5..well, we were in track n field too n.n
Raymond: Since std 5 ..from tnf too!
hmm....3 of my friends are all "jumpers"..and no kiddin..they're really good at it!
( lompat jauh..lompat tinggi)..
well, i'm the only sprinter...==

Ai Huey





wei yap

and here are the cool guys..
from left* Jack jack, wei yap, jin quannn, and guo yi~@.@
all from form 3!

and me again...felt boring after doing my warm down..


he's tired ngek gnek..>.<

my sweet teammates !~

waiting for our food..ooh.

and later on, we went back to school haha!