Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WedNesdAy's the last day of junior middle's UEC might be hanging out with his buddies after the test and i'm stucked at home..with loads of chores to do..lazy lurh..
so...gonna head to the office and ask for the application of resident form..=.=
i'm so bored~ maybe i'll ask Shalane to go swimming this evening..hehe..if she's around n.n
uhm~ yeah..

Monday, October 27, 2008

Singapore~ ( again )

hehe...went to Singapore for shopping again..erm..left home on Saturday and back today!!
erm..hmm..i had a really great time there! and the best part wasn't shopping, it's seeing my cousins ( teck and ooi) ..teck had graduated from NTU and he works in Singapore flew to so many countries in juz a month! lucky him..i DREAMT that i would be an stewardess someday..hehe..dreaming..cause i'm too short!!! *sob* ..Ooi's still studying Mechanical engineering and designing at NTU..he looked so great!!!! always dress up to the ninth..he's..erm..trendy!!! n.n hehe....considering to be a pilot after he graduate.. or also being an air steward..hehe...coolllll!!!! a conclusion, leaving in Singapore is a cool thing to do..u can shop till u drop and hv a really clean and friendly environment.. i can live longer..hehe...
meanwhile, we went to Orchard road and Bugis many stuffffff!!!!! looking forward to go there again and shop crazilly!!!!

the hand!!

the man reading in the 'pool'

yes, i have a confession to make!!

that's my brother's n.n

things i bought: crocs 3 inch shoes..marshmellow..3in1 fork, spoon,knife..chocolate..kerorogundam..softtoy..MYUK handbag..notepads..and..uh..many more la!

also bought something for my Ipod to wear..hehe...

wow..and uh..this's my first time shopping in high heels..i'm impressed...quite tiring but i made it..hehe n.n

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

幸福共和国 behind the scenes~ first acting film~ although we are kalefe!!!
hehe...i'm still glad that i'm part of it..i met some stars..and got to know about the process..
it's a great experience lurh~~ the photos!

they chose my school as the filming glad and proud of it!!
when we were filming..( erm..1st recess)..all the students gathered and look at the crew as if they saw aliens!..hehe...hehe..i was first n.n's evening..

me and 'benny' n.n hoho~i'm so lucky!

the crew~ they do look cool~~

erm..i guess he's one of the crew member =.=


dingidng!!! they're acting~ and i'm 'cheeseing'' hehe..

group photo with my fm deejay!!!
lucky us!!!
and,, he's frienddly!!

duo! just the two of us!! muahahaha!!

waiting for out act..hee ironign out clothes =.=

girls vs yong shen..n.n the hall..erm..the director's behind me~

us with sister CanDy!

hmm...this's out 1st day's shoot..

the crew!

i can't wait for the movie's screening!!! next year...2009!!!! yeah!!'s a lifetime experience~ aww..i miss the crew so much~ haiz..
haaa...i do hope that there's another chance!!!! shh...we got paid 100 ringggit each!
the fun lasted for 2 days..and i'm back in reality now!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

ClaSs tRiP @ janda baik~

hahaa...just came back from Janda Baik ( class trip ) hehe...n.n this trip is so totally cool~ so..firsstly..let the photos speak for me..maybe i'll type something at the end..

at Mc donalds.

xiang yi, me, fann.

dhi-zen, me

group photo~ on top of the jungle~

hehe~ we finally made our way out!

sandrea, yi, me


me with Cikgu Zuraida

hehe..having lunch

me with nicol~

haha..after the river splash~ hehe...this's the best part of the journey!

we were holding each other prevent from flowing away by the fast flow..absolutely fun!

~ before going back

Saturday, October 11, 2008


haa...didn't blog for quite sometime...well...exam muhhh..haiz..i'm sure i didn't do well this time..once again! felt disappointed ofcourse...hmm...erh..nothing special happened this fact, it's kinda boring~ =.= hehe..but, there's something special- ah wei's having exam opposite my class..sitting opposite me..hehe..still cute lurh~ and yuan ji finally talked back like those days jorh lurh..hmm...nothing much..
gotta run! going to grandma's house..

byezzzz ..~*

Friday, October 3, 2008


lost my favourite Adidas bottle during 1st recess..
i guess someone took it from the music room...
ah~ what cam i do..heartbreak..that bottle's very important for me..
hope that I'll get it back a.s.a.p..

dad, aunt and grandpa's at China now..hehe...visiting their relatives..will be back at sunday..sso can't go taekwondo for 2 weeks..=.= haizzzzz....i miss the lessons@!!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

cool hari raya~

hoho~ went to 1Utama yesterday and bought a Roxy handbag..hehe~ snowy white!!
really excited about it..

so, went to grandma's house today and uh, as usual, my sweetie Sushi's still so excited about my arrival n.n and...she's 4 years old and knows only how to 'sit'..she can't shake hands, can't play dead..=.=

went for pasar malam with brother and suddenly it rained like cats and dogs! hehe...luckily we brought an umbrella and yet, got sososo wet cause we played under the heavy rain...
oh yeah, can't deny that i love the rain~ it's like...err, relax!!!! went back to grandma's house and she got so worried of us...well, i'm coughing now =.=

heeeee.....anyway, gotta chiao and finish up my animator~~~~~ booo~ tomorrow's the deadline..

and...most of all...益诚, happy birthday!!!!