Monday, April 26, 2010

噢买嘎!今天上youtube看一些求婚的短篇, 浪漫到~ 哇。。。
不是说我要嫁人还是什么,这些男生超会设计的! 好妙哦~


Friday, April 23, 2010

these days

hell of work makes me cookoo!
i didn't hv enough sleep.
i need coffee, omg.addicted? ( dunno )

twistee's not behaving himself these days.
mom's really mad of him!

my friends..i like them a lot
but i miss the friends i had.
i love college,
but i love my previous society.

emo-ing, it's good sometimes.
peace out.

super random but who cares>!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

~class photo~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

但有时也很好笑 n.n
总之, 祝你天天快乐~!!!!!!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

random post..super random

hmm...just came back from my Piano ABRSM= mati gaogao.(.=.=)
aiyorh..i wanna dedicate a big thank you to my new ciba vision contact lenses.
thanks for getting blur when i was playing my pieces!
i was like..wth?@! what's wrong with my lenses >.<

and seriously....i suddenly feel like continuing piano lessons..
very kesian if i stop now..
invested so much on my piano and payed crazy expensive fees
 yup! i'm considering >.<

girls got coocoo during the lessons today! =.=
 yeap..some old pictures ( not that old actually )
some were surprised that i knew how to eat with hands..went for indian rice at bangsar..err..last friday i guess

girls in my class n.n dress day~
big smiles brighten my days~ n.n

Sunday, April 11, 2010

went taekwondo  lesson today..
and we were sparing =.=
my partner was a guy, approximately a head taller than me
then he said to himself : fangshui..
then i said: i kill u if u give way to me!
then suddenly ....pok!
i felt my nose wanna fall out jor.
he accidentally kicked my nose!
wah..i thought my nose was going to bleed, i might need plastic surgery! >.<
fortunately, just a little nose bleed. nobiggie!!!!!!!

hehehe n.n

gonna study now.
gonna burn midnight oil.
gonna try not to stress out myself.

gonna be busy!

logging off~ tata n.n

Saturday, April 10, 2010

i've fallen into depression depressed..
i have piano exam on tuesday,
my songs are like shit
damn depressed..

i have english project,
haven't decided what title..
damn depressed..

i have to study lots of stuff,
and i spent all my time with my piano.
damn depressed..


Thursday, April 8, 2010

hahahahaha....i'm in library visit now n.n
curi-curi use computer to blog >.<

wait ah, i go see facebook got picture to post onot n.n
girls of my class n.n
guys? nah don't mention..i don't think they take photos =.=

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i'm sick~ until i can't sing
 i can't talk properly
 i can't eat fried food
 i can't drink ice water
 i can't run
i can't laugh loudly
omg, there's so many restriction!

however, homework's coming stack by stack, it's like a mountain!
and i've gotta do them on time cause there's deadline for everything.

tomorrow is the so-called-traffic light day.
"if u're taken, wear red"
"if u're in conplicated state, wear yellow,"
"if u're available, wear green"

haha..some people said that they'll wear black which represents "widow"

some of them wanna do " red+yellow+green=purple"
do u know what purple means?
it means that u're a SLUT.!
omg, no offence, but that's hillarious!

well i'm not gonna wear any of those colours although i'm green.
cause it makes me look desperate!
maybe not green shirt, it's so obvious..
like....:" oh! i'm available, come n get me!!! " =.=

hahahahahhaa...gotta sign off and do my work.
i've never been this hardworking since i was born. =.=


Sunday, April 4, 2010

not as easy as i thought

it's not as easy as i thought,
haha yup!
there a lot of work and assesment n stuff to read.
i don't even have time to play or practice piano.
TWISTEE's so lonely now, he could only see me doing my things,,sorry sweetie >.<

and we don't take a lot of pictures..aww....
i wanted to post some but there's only one picuture taken by ROss hahaha...

i miss those days n.n but i din regret leaving school..n.n

shalane came to my house yesterday and left around 1am haha
miss my friends and teachers back at high school T.T

miss u guys!