Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2nd day at T college

so, it's my second day in COllege n.n
no pictures no nothing in this post cause i'm in the campus's i-zone. ( computer room)

hmm, the campus is so so SO cold! scary cold.
and my legs and face are so dry that they are about to crack.. ouch!

how's college life ?
i would say that it's hard, cause school hours are long!
50 minutes each lesson. then 5 minutes break.
after 3 or 4 continuous classes, lunch break 1hr.
then class continues.

uh, the friends here are much more different than CH schoolmates.
i thought that i was the craziest girl in class.
BUT NO! there some, loud, crazy, funny girls around!
phew, that's why i'm considered normal here.

the books are so expensive. ( rm160) per textbook
calculater (rm450)
wah.............need to ikat perut also can't

the food here is pricey too~
whoa......here comes my expensive life!!!!!!!!!!

need to find time to get some money!

bouncing off peeps =.=

Monday, March 29, 2010

sweet memories

9 hours till college starts..
so..that's a start of something new!
i'm so excited and nervous..
hehe, mixed feelings..
so just post some old pictures from my lappie n.n



i joined choir since form 1,
it's the place i learn to be a leader, a friend, a sister.

we used to lay on the floor and play crazilly in the music room like nobody's business.
we cry laugh quarral enjoy and do everything together!
SEE , so happy neh!

and look at us... fuiyooh.
some very cool but also some very daibi la hahaa..\

so hmm, learned a lot of things here. whenever i'm not happy , i'll just go to my music room and sing or talk.
then i'm recharged with full battery,
prepared to face things n.n


my cool tnf,
remember when i was in form 1,
a senior from tnf went to my class and called my name
"who is soong jia xin?"
to my surprise, he walked away.
ruparupanya, i was too short.
he thought salah orang =.=

i'm still lucky enought to join them though n.n
i was really afraid of trainings..
it's like hell! no....>.<
but we cried and tried really hard together.
sweat and bloog all over..
proves our hardwork's not wasted..
well, competitions are not that scary actually.
i enjoyed every moment n.n
genting, malacca, stadium, ts, pizza .


and ofcourse n.n
the friends i love..
thanks for celebrating my birthday,
thanks for letting me cry on ur sides,

my dearest shalane, whose always by my side
it's a miracle that we get to know each other as we do very different things at school
different society, different class,
everything different n.n
but there's something same
we love nail polish,
we love gossips,
we love every moment we are together n.n
we love each other.
we love yelling at each other's names really loud!
AND PEOPLE NEARBY look at us like morons =.=

my crazy friend tongtong,
we motivated each another during trainings.
we laughed loudly until we get tired n.n
we cheered and yelled like crazy people during tnf competitions

and Nicol n.n
have been close as we go choir and tnf together.
whenever i'm bored, i'll walked to the class beside to find him
he's my buddy!!!!!!!!! heheeee n.n

my freinds made it perfect n.n
 thanks for the momories n.n

still got many things to say n.n leave it for the next post.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

cut off the crap and toss my way to the point!
hehe..i'll be going to school tomorrow..
yeah, cuz there's too much undone stuff and i need to settle things down
preparing to take my first 0 marks in my entire life cuz tomorrow's exam and i din prepare it at all..

however, there's someone very special who post a special post on her blog.
love u much much dear!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mr khan ( my english teacher) said :
U guys are having ur dialogue and i'm having my monolog!

it's a ''creative sentence'' and rarely heard by other teachers haha..

everyone seems to be having the Monday blues..=.=
thinking about leaving school ( although they aren't =.=)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

i've made it final. sorry my dears.

well, it's my final decision.
went back to track n field camp yesterday and i got so confused whether to stay for my 8duzhong competition on june.
after chatting with a senior, yeah, i need to go.

well, there's different stages that we need to go through.
when we were little devils, we go kindergarten.
when we were primary kids, we go primary school.
when we were secondary teens, we go secondary school.
so, which makes that...
when i need to leave my secondary school, i need to go college.
yeah, that's life.
it's not a bed of roses and we are learning to deal with life and learn from it every single freaking exited day!
and yeah, it's time for me to grow up. " as in my mental side, not my physical side >.<"

A former class teacher once told me that i'm a so-called-''perfectionist''.
i wished that everything could be perfect.
studies, sports, music and friends.
but, life's not all about that!
and i need to deal with it and grow up.
These thoughts could be my ideal thought. ( just a thought).

so it's time.
i'm heading towards my dreams.
there's no way back ( cause mom just paid 11,050 for me to study at TAYlors =.=)
yes, freaking expensive.
and imma study freaking hard to score.
i mean it! and i'll do it!

so hehe..that's all..* i'm at mom's office...nothing to do, no photos to post either*
so will be posting some pictures later.
or tomorrow
or tomorrow's tomorrow
or tomorrow's tomorrow's tomorrow...
blah blah blah!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

super random post =.=

every move i take, every step i make,
seems like i'm on the rocks.
one wrong decision n i'm afraid that i'm DOOMED!
godsh, please make time stop and rewind it back to last year n.n
please n.n


Saturday, March 13, 2010

went for driving lesson today.
then mommy went to genting.
earlier on today, brother went for school training.
so i'm alone with TWistee.
yeah, he's my best companion.
so helped twistee grooming.
and bathe! n.n



twistee:mommy, i'm bored. i wanna play ~

and we live happily ever after!
"though the ending doesn't make sense =.="

sometimes i look down at you.shit.

i loathe people who live for others, please others.

i detest people who wear clothes to match the bag that was a present from the boyfriend.

i hate people who keep asking"oh, is my makeup okay? do my shoes match my dress? do i look tired?......" before going out to meet the boyfriend's parents.

i dislike you doing these to me!

cut it off and live your life dude. STOP IT.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

spm result day

so it's results day..
i've been freaking out for the past two weeks..

i felt totally nervous of my BM and Sejarah cause i fainted during exam on that day/.
however, i got both A- for those two subjects.
still ok larh.
got 1A for 1119..
that's kinda gud so that i don't hv to take those english exams next time n.n

overall, it wasn't good but not bad either..
7A's..hmm...ok ok lo..
upsr 7a,
pmr 7a,
spm 7A.

7's my lucky number?
don't think so....

=.= as for now, i'm considering whether i should stay for UEC.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

IF absolute power corrupts absolutely,
does absolute powerlessness make you pure?

hehe..got this from readers digest.
and i still can't get the point >.<