Sunday, July 13, 2008

Class Singing Competition

hmmm...finally it's over~
and luckily, we got 3rd!!!
yeahyeah!!!..."congratulations, it's celebration..."
whatever luh~
although we got 3rd, there's some people complaining about the results...
at first, i was quite surprised why we got 3rd??
so not long after the competition, teacher told me that the 1st song we sang " down by the riverside" was really great!
unfortunately, 夜来香 wasn't that good...we screwed up..
so i'm here to tell the people who aren't satisfied with our result
: hey ya'll! we nailed the performance and we got it! so what?!\
u guys didn't win doesn't mean that the judges are terrible~~ >.<
muahaha...and that's all luh~ happy me, happy day! with a happy hamper~~ n.n
oh yeah..and uh~ happy birthday to my dear twin friends!!!@.@
hehe..i was quite touched when they came to see the competition..although, they hv other plans to do~
well..there's some problem about the uploading stuff..
so no photos...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Joshua wil b back!!!

Joshua finally will be back tomorrow!
wow....long time didn't see him, miz that cute friend too..
haha..can't wait to talk to him!
and, we can go hang out with kit voon~~ yeah!